present and future work

Work in progress 2022

  • Improve ways of obtaining topograhical data for model making. That implies Arcgis or Qgis, use of subsoil data (Dinoloket), combining these to a cad / laser cutting model. This is a lot of work and finding data here and there. A good manual , description and a properly working cad plugin / algorithm (written for use in Rhino Grasshopper) are being developed.
  • Starting a “meet je stad (measure your city)” like group in Enschede for determining critical factors, mapmaking (for example a map of potential places for growing crops, edible plants, fruit etc)
  • The project stops end of 2022.

After the project:

  • make interactive models that can be used for outreach.
  • improve ways of obtaining topographical data for model making, speed up or find alternative source of AHN and Dino data (learning curve too steep for general use)
  • Copy the Leeds model for use in Netherland as demo, eventually with slightly different “concept geography”
  • Refine Galton board for continuous use, refine Lego version to enable easier construction of the Galton board

ongoing and further investigations, long term

Related to cogniton:

-Determining and understanding cognitive and educational aspects of tangible, interactive models

-Understanding how to use these models in education and outreach

Related to visualisation

-Investigate various ways and uses of projection mapping for visualisation

-Understanding the impact of projection mapping on users in education and outreach

-Prototyping and testing pr