Fieldlab is a collaboration with Saxion minor “Sustainable integrated water management”.

Students of various tracks choose this minor project. Students of Civil Engineering, Biology, Chemistry participated in this project and worked on water related themes, to deliver a visualisation, model, movie of their choice. They have to work hands on, writing a report is “omnly”a part of the work. Testing and experimenting another. And improving the result as well.

During the work the student encountered many practical obstacles and problems, as well as new ideas. They also had to work and collaborate in a group of various interests. This also added to a better, broader understanding of their topic. They worked in Wowlab and had to present a working result. This varied from a demo of a water sanitation plant and testing of drainage filters to ideas about future floating cities and groundwater flow demonstration cells.

Fieldlab themes:

2023-2024: Mitigating the climate change effects. The students are now working on:

1: Urban heating: how does heat build up, and is it possible to make a water cooling for a city? How much water is needed and how do you remove the heat energy in a proper way? Is it safe to use water for this purpose and how can the desired water quality be maintained? Especially when it warms up sanitation can become a problem

2: Infiltration of various soils and determining potential surface run-off areas. What solutions can be proposed to prevent catastrofal flooding because of intense rainfall in these regions?

3: Improving dikes, using modern methods, and demonstrating ( how to avoid) the piping effect in various (new) dike constructions