Pricing (2023)

Tariff 2023

For the machines you have to pay an hour price,  you also pay for the materials and eventually for operator time if you need more help than an introduction. Fablab rates are generally lower than normal rates.


For frequent users a different rate may apply.

exclusive/ inclusive 21% tax (BTW), the Fablab rates apply for individual, non commercial users.

Service:ex BTWincl 21% BTW
Laser per minute (burn time only) 0,62 0,75
Laser startup10,3312,50
Laser startup Fablab rate 4,13 5,00
CNC router or welding gear per minute 0,62 0,75
CNC or welding gear startup20,6625,00
3D printer (PLA only) , per gram 0,25 0,30
Operator /hour57,8570,00
Operator /hour Fablab rate (first 15 min free)28,9235,00
Training /hour57,8570,00

A card payment service is available, but 3% extra will be charged (transaction costs)