Future work

  • Investigate and evaluate how to visualize groundwater aimed at outreach and education with Design Lab Utwente
  • Works with Saxion students International Water Technology on surface and subsurface water subjects and prototyping methods (work in progress)
  • Copy the Leeds model for use in Netherland as demo, eventually with slightly different “concept geography”
  • Refine Galton board for continuous use, refine Lego version to enable easier construction of the Galton board
  • Develop foam model “Stuwrug Enschede” for interactive, hands-on hydrogeological demo model.
  • Develop digital 3D model of Stuwrug Twente for computational modelling of groundwater.
  • Improve ways of obtaining topograhical data for model making make foam model “IJssel” for NLT conference, aimed at secundary school use in Ruimte within “ruimte voor de rivier” program (feb 2019). Together with Pre-U (JanJaap Wietsma)
  • investigate and evaluate how visualisation of groundwater can be done for project Wetropolis. Together with Design Lab Utwente, possibly also with 100Fat, Free Flow Foundation
  • make interactive models that can be used for outreach. The use will be evaluated by ITC
  • improve ways of obtaining topographical data for model making, speed up or find alternative source of AHN and Dino data (learning curve too steep for general use)

Further investigations, in collaboration with partners, long term

Related to cogniton:

-Determining and understanding cognitive and educational aspects of tangible, interactive models

-Understanding how to use these models in education and outreach

– Prototype and optimise and suitable models for use in outreach and secondary education

Related to visualisation

-Investigate various ways and uses of projection mapping for visualisation

-Understanding the impact of projection mapping on users in education and outreach

-Prototyping and testing projection mapping on chosen models