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Wout Zweers / Wowlab is member of project Wetropolis, here you find the details of what Wowlab realises for this project.

Wetropolis started with the succesful model of the Leeds flooding model. Onno Bokhove (Leeds) and Wout Zweers cooperated in making an interactive project about flooding of the river Aire that flows through (and occasionally over) Leeds. They noticed that hands on in a model works very well to engage the audience. This was the start of the project Wetropolis: improving engagement and participation through more interactive, tangible models of the river.

In Wetropolis this will be investigated more thoroughly: how and what can be used in various situations (school, outreach, management). How can this be used best and what is needed to make the best of it. How can models be built and used.

Delivered work for Wetropolis

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