Wetropolis pages

Wout Zweers is member of project Wetropolis which took place between 2018 and Nov 2022. 

You find the details of what Wowlab realized for this project on the Wetropolis pages at woutzweers.nl

Wetropolis started in 2016 after the Boxing Day Flood in Leeds and resulted in 2017 in the successful Leeds – Aire flooding model. Onno Bokhove (Leeds UK) and Wout Zweers (Enschede NL) cooperated in making an interactive project about flooding of the river Aire that flows through Leeds. They noticed that hands-on in a model works very well to engage the audience. This was the start of the project Wetropolis with goal:

Improving engagement and participation through more interactive, tangible models especially for water related problems.

This follow up Wetropolis project started in 2018 and ended in 2022. It was founded bij Efro – OPOost.