tools & pricing



Wowlab offers specialised and general tools that are collected during more than 20 years of building sets, sculptures and scientific installations. It offers a place and events where they can be used or learned. Users can experiment with the tools or use them for their own projects. Wowlab can be visited after appointment, during open acces time at wednesday afternoon or a workshop can be attended.

tools at Wowlab:

Main tools:

  • CNC router 3 axis BZT PF1400P 1200 x 650 x 130 mm with Suhner router motor UAK 30RF (max 30000RPM, 1600W) (for experts only)
  • Lasercutter Suke 1612: 100W CO2, 1600 x 1200 mm working area
  • Lasercutter Rabbit 40W CO2 laser, working area 395 x 265 mm
  • Felix 3D printer (Felix3 double extruder)

General tools:

  • Handtools for woodworking and metalworking
  • Various tools, gear for casting plaster and plastics
  • Band saw for wood, plastic, non-ferro Metabo BAS 316
  • Drill press (large standing workshop model, drill conus 16 mm)
  • Hot wirecutter 600W (up to 30 V, 20 A variable)
  • Electric handtools: Multitool Makita, screw driver,

For the experienced maker

  • electric planer Makita, Biscuit wood joiner, hand router Metabo 1600 W, 
  • Mig Mag welding machine ESS Ecomag 304 300 A for steel and stainless steel
  • TIG welding machine TOP 166 HF 160 160 Amps
  • Plasmacutter (hand, Hypertherm 600 Powermax)

Graphic art / ceramic art

  • Etch press for graphic work 38 cm wide
  • Curio plotter / paper / foil cutter A3
  • Small ceramic kiln Keramisch instituut Haarlem Economy Super (900 degreeC)


  • Steel work bench with wrench
  • Wood workbench with wrench
  • Working tables
  • 3PC’s 


  • Soldering tools (soldering station 48W, soldering iron 15 , 30, 75 W),
  • Lab Power supply Velleman labps3005D 0-30V 5A
  • Multimeters
  • Oscilloscope (rigol DS 1052 E, 2 channel)
  • Arduino tools and IDE, wire, breadboards, basic components


  • Solid Works 2020
  • Rhino 3D V5 and V6 with grasshopper plugin
  • Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign (version CS6)
  • Router software: WinPC CNC (light)
  • Laser: Lightburn
  • Various open source and freeware 3D programs: Inkscape, sketchup, sculptris, Gimp, Cura & Repetier host, Kisslicer
  • Pepakura folding software with vector export license
  • Resolume Avenue VJ-software with license


for non commercial use:

For the machines you have to pay an hour price,  you also pay for the materials and eventually for operator time if you need more help than just an introduction. You will be charged a minimum price of 7,50 Euro

  • small laser: 20 euro per hour (laser-on time, 40 W laser, 39 x 26 cm working area)
  • large laser: 30 euro per hour (laser-on time, 100W laser, 160 x 100 cm working area)
  • cnc router: 30 euro per hour plus router bit costs
  • welding gear: 30 euro per hour plus used material.
  • 3D printer: 20 ct / gram (only PLA available)
  • operator cost: 30 euro / hour , first 15 minutes free

Training for the laser: (two hour) 75euro pp. Two lasers are available

For commercial use: contact with Wout Zweers or Rolling Hills.