Maker in residency Plauen, Chemnitz

I was invited to join the Makers United 2024 program in Chemnitz, Germany. My contribution was printing, a workshop where children could make their own prints using stamps that were pre-made or making their own stamps.

Fellow makers made robots and wrote software for an AI application, both used at the Makers United festival 13 – 16th of June 2024 in Chemnitz, it was nice to work so closely together and react on each others work.

I used the lasercutter and the 3D printer of Sternenlabor Plauen, pretty useful machines to make stamps. At home i purchased a new 3D printer so I could also make rubber (TPU) stamps in Wowlab. I mant to make a small printing press ( lifting type, see picture) as well. With my welding and metal gear that is not too difficult. Still, it takes some time to do so. So many things still to do….